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We Offer a Turning Service To Meet Your Requirements

Materials range from exotic Ferrous/Non-Ferrous Metals, Plastics and Peak.       Examples Include-

  • Flanges and Shafts
  • Bearing housings
  • Discs and Spacers

General Capacity 12″ Diameter x 600mm.

lathe, metalworking, machine


We Offer a Milling Service To Meet Your Requirements

Materials range from exotic Ferrous/Non-Ferrous Metals, Plastics and Peak.

Examples Include-

  • Castings
  • Bearing housings
  • Block and Head Refurbishment
  • Jig and Fixture Manufacturing
  • Billet Motorsport Parts
  • Keyway’s
  • Boring

General Capacity 1200mm x 400mm. Larger sizes can also be accommodated.

Repair, Restoration and Modification

This Service Covers a Large Array Of Possibilities.

Working closely with customers and their projects normally means bespoke parts and customization.

Manufacturing according to the Application and Assembly Requirements.

Project and Design Assistance

We Offer Assistance To Progress Your Projects Using the Latest in CAD Software

Premier Precision has invested in revolutionary, cutting- edge digital CAD technology.

If required we can assist in modelling your idea then put it to manufacture.

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3D Printing

We Offer a Combined CAD And 3D Printing Service

Ranging from One off parts to batch work.  Parts are printed using various polymers and carbon fiber on State of the Art Printers to your requirements.

It’s a cost effective solution for prototype manufacturing to prove the product before entering production saving time and reducing costs.

Most file formats accepted.

printer, 3d, print

Fabrication and Welding

We offer Mig Welding and Fabrication Services to meet your requirements

Materials include-

  • Steel
  • Stainless steel
  • Aluminium
  • Brass
welding, welder, sparks

Tool Sharpening

We offer a wide range of tool sharpening services

Examples include-

  • Manual and Electric Gardening tools
  • Chain saw blades
  • HSS Drill Bits
  • Manual hand tools
  • Knifes/blades
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